17 Jan 2023

Official Selections

by La Lucha Film

We are proud to announce that the film has received official selections from the following film festivals: Oniros Awards (NYC), Golden Gate International Film Festival, Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival, Los Angeles Reel Film Festival, 9th Annual Rosarito International Film Festival and Film Fest L.A. Some of these festivals were remote so there wasn’t a ceremony or event to attend and other festivals would have knocked us out of the running for more prestigious and noteworthy festivals around the country.

One would have never thought that so much strategy was needed to release a film. We continue to submit to every festival we feel is appropriate and well suited for the content of the documentary. It takes time, however, for the official selections to be announced and then even longer until the actual event itself. We are still hoping for a March release with a very specific film festival in California. Once we have premiered in California then we will take the documentary on the road to different cities to exhibit the film and start a discussion.