11 Sep 2023

Seattle Latino Film Festival

by La Lucha Film

We are thrilled to announce that our documentary, “La Lucha: Getting Schooled in America,” has been officially selected to feature at the Seattle Latino Film Festival (SLFF) this October. This selection not only underscores the resonance of our film’s message but also aligns with the festival’s rich history and mission of showcasing cross-cultural perspectives intrinsic to the Latino experience.

Founded in 2009 by Jorge Enrique Gonzalez Pacheco – an award-winning poet, film industry luminary, and cultural visionary – SLFF has been the beacon of Latino cinema in the Pacific Northwest. It’s not just a film festival but a movement, carving out a unique space for Latino artists and filmmakers in a region where such a platform was previously absent.

Running in tandem with the National Hispanic Heritage Month, SLFF, over the course of a decade, has transcended beyond the realm of cinema to become a cultural phenomenon. From music and literature to dance and painting, the festival paints a vibrant tapestry of the Latino life, opening the hearts and minds of attendees to a multitude of experiences and stories. By sharing our documentary at such an esteemed festival, we aspire to join the ranks of those who have illuminated screens with tales of resilience, hope, and “Latinidad.”

The Seattle Latino Film Festival’s commitment to bridging gaps is commendable. Their partnerships with global powerhouses like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Univision Seattle, Microsoft, and international festivals in Spain, Germany, and France speaks volumes of their global reach and vision. Yet, at its heart, SLFF remains an intimate, community-driven initiative. Powered entirely by volunteers, each member infuses their passion, time, and effort to make this festival a remarkable success year after year.

It’s an honor for “La Lucha: Getting Schooled in America” to be showcased amidst such a rich mosaic of films that share the ethos of diversity and multi-thematic narratives. We see this as more than just a screening; it’s a celebration, an opportunity to engage with Seattle’s vibrant community, and a chance to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other filmmakers, sharing the stage, stories, and the spirit of “Latinidad.”

Join us this October to be part of this extraordinary journey. Let’s experience, learn, and celebrate together the power of storytelling, the beauty of our shared heritage, and the boundless possibilities of cinema. Stay tuned for more details on our screening at SLFF and let’s create memories that will last a lifetime!