18 Nov 2022

Film Festival Status

by La Lucha Film

With a film as important as La Lucha: Getting Schooled in America, it’s critical to first be officially selected but to ultimately choose where to world premiere. Consequently, if we choose to be in festival A then we may not be eligible for festival B. Choosing (and being chosen) the perfect festival is critical for the film to be seen by not only the right audiences but a large audience.

The purpose of this film is to show audiences what is happening in our streets and neighborhoods and how the quality of our education system is so disparate from one town to the next. There are solutions and this films campaign will not only help spread the message but give these students a chance at higher education. 100% of every dollar this film makes goes directly to college scholarships for a hand selected group of graduates or students about to graduate.

These students have fought to overcome family trauma, homelessness, gang violence and low expectations in an effort to do what comes so easily for many others, simply graduate high school. The struggle is very real for these students. With this film we might understand their lives and struggles even more in an attempt to provide assistance for the betterment of our society. 

We will be posting the film festivals that we have been officially selected for here when the time comes. Ultimately, we hope to invite guests, family, allies, and friends to attend the festivals all over the country, learn about the message and start a dialogue about what needs to change to end the struggles of so many.