18 Dec 2023

Celebrating the Remarkable Journey of “La Lucha: Getting Schooled in America” Through Film Festivals

by La Lucha Film

We are thrilled to share the extraordinary journey of “La Lucha: Getting Schooled in America” across numerous prestigious film festivals and the overwhelming recognition it has received. This film, a labor of love and dedication, has not only garnered critical acclaim but also resonated deeply with audiences worldwide.

A Phenomenal Festival Run

“La Lucha: Getting Schooled in America” embarked on a remarkable festival circuit, making its presence felt in some of the most renowned film festivals globally. From the Rosarito International Film Festival, where it was honored as the Best Documentary, to winning the Audience Award for Documentary Feature at the Awareness Festival, the film has been a standout.

The Big Apple Film Festival and Screenplay Competition, the Blackbird Film Festival, and Film Fest LA @ LA Live are just a few platforms where the film was selected, showcasing its universal appeal. At the Freedom Festival International, “La Lucha” achieved a rare feat by winning both Best Documentary and Best Feature – a testament to its powerful storytelling and impact.

Awards and Accolades

The journey has been nothing short of spectacular, with the film receiving numerous accolades, including an Honorable Mention at the Blackbird Film Festival. At the Oniros Film Awards – New York, the film was celebrated for its cultural significance, winning Best Ethnographic Film, Best Social Justice Film, and Best 1st Time Director.

The Show Low Film Festival- Arizona White Mountains Film Festival recognized the exceptional direction of the film, awarding it Best Director and Best Featurette Documentary.

Gratitude and Acknowledgements

This incredible success story would not have been possible without the unwavering support and enthusiasm of our audience. Your presence, feedback, and encouragement at each festival have been the driving force behind our journey. We are immensely grateful for your belief in the story of “La Lucha” and for joining us in celebrating the diverse voices and stories that it brings to the forefront.

Looking Ahead

As “La Lucha: Getting Schooled in America” continues its journey, we are filled with hope and excitement for the future. The film has not only achieved a significant presence in the film festival circuit but has also ignited conversations and brought critical social issues to light.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to every festival, jury member, and audience member who has been a part of this journey. Your support has been invaluable, and we look forward to continuing to share this powerful story with the world.

Stay tuned for more updates and upcoming screenings!