Pacoima Project

Students from low-income areas in major cities like Los Angeles are faced with relentless dangers. Homeless encampments, rampant drug use, blight and gang violence threaten these kids on their walk to school every morning. While low-income students certainly face many barriers that play a contributing role in low academic achievement, studies have proven that equitable access to a quality education can change this trajectory for many kids. The Pacoima Project will be a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping students through a one-on-one mentoring program. Find out more at

The Pacoima Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping students through a one-on-one mentoring program. We help them gain the courage and tools to change their life trajectory from hopelessness to hope through an education, job skills and a supportive mentor.
These interventions have proven to be a source of inspiration for at-risk students, guiding them along the path to graduation and, ultimately, to long-term survival. One of the most powerful forms of intervention is mentorship – having that one, responsible adult in their life who believes in them and gives them the confidence to succeed.

A large sampling of these students come from broken and abusive homes or are living on the streets and have spent a vast majority of their lives without aim or purpose. A critical component of the mentor-mentee relationship is a full understanding and appreciation of the background and experiences of the apprentice.

A mentor committed to the relationship has been shown to help young people improve their behavior at home and school; develop stronger relationships with parents, teachers, and peers; improve interpersonal skills; and, perhaps most critically, decrease their likelihood of falling into the same traps that repeat throughout generational cycles of poverty.

These kids are in desperate need of a person they can look up to as an example of what is possible for someone like them. Someone who will walk the path alongside them and will be there at the times in their lives when temptation arises.

Every dollar of proceeds from The Pacoima Project will help find and establish a dedicated mentor for an enthusiastic and similarly committed student. And once we have established an endowed scholarship for this endeavor and strong footprint in Pacoima, we expect to take this pursuit nationally, so that every kid in need, even the most disadvantaged, is provided an opportunity to fulfill a dream of higher education. Follow us here: