07 Nov 2022


by La Lucha Film

For teenagers growing up in the economically challenged town of Pacoima in the San Fernando Valley of California, every day brings a new struggle.  Statistics say they are more likely to die or end up in jail than graduate, a reality that rings true when their most inspirational and hopeful friend is murdered in cold blood.

Homelessness, teen pregnancy, gang life and a chronic atmosphere of low expectations contribute to the ongoing suffering the friends face in dealing with their classmate’s death.  But with a level of grit and determination that the average American student could not comprehend, the kids find the support and understanding they lack from a special school designed to teach at-risk students.

Can the power of their relationships be enough to defy the odds?  Can their commitment to each other allow them the opportunity at a fulfilling life?  And is an unwavering devotion to the legacy of their murdered classmate enough to pave the way to a brighter future?

Each student will face their own unique challenges, but together they set out to prove to themselves and to their community, that the death of their best friend wasn’t in vain.