All for Juan

Named after one of the students featured in the documentary, All for Juan is soon to be a nonprofit organization that awards university/college scholarships to underprivileged students in battered neighborhoods, giving them a chance to succeed beyond high school.

Juan, who viewers meet in the documentary, represents the millions of students dropping out of high school each year. He knew of the inherent dangers he faced each day in this small neighborhood in northern Los Angeles, practically nestled in the glare of the famous Hollywood sign – a reminder of the glitz, glamour and wealth beyond reach for many of the area residents. He knew because this is one of the oldest, and most dangerous, neighborhoods in the San Fernando Valley.

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Our participants

  • Alexis K.

    Alexis grew up with her mother in a single-parent home, trying to muster the strength to attend her turbulent public high school where she was bullied daily and struggled to learn in large classrooms with...

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  • Bryan S.

    Bryan, like many students across America, grew up in a rough neighborhood, where crime is a daily occurrence. It can be dangerous simply walking to school and finding a true friend who is a good...

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  • Jazzmine M.

    Jazzmine, while naturally intelligent and well spoken, suffered from a life of instability. Her family life and constant relocation – moving from shelter to shelter, homelessness to unsteady housing – kept her in a perpetual...

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  • Rudy R.

    Rudy's early childhood was an eventful one. He enjoyed school, played sports and had lots of friends. On the flip side, his father was an alcoholic and drug addict who became physically and verbally abusive....

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If you would like to contribute to scholarships for these students or students like this from Learn4Life schools, you can do so using the form below. All funds contributed through this website will go to scholarships to deserving students.